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This form is intended for use only from infographic submission agencies or forwarders who act for the account and on behalf of their assignors/customers. If you don't belong to this group you should follow the standard submission process, otherwise your  request will be rejected. If you are a bulk infographic forwarder and this is your first time here, you should follow the standard submission process only once.


> Provide image files and content of decent quality. We disgrace poor content.

> It's preferable the image file dimesnions not to exceed 1700 px width.

> Try to limit the file size up to 1.5 MB

> The filename should be identical to the title of the infographic's artwork. Please don't try to market during this phase.

> Enter a valid url that strictly directs to the submitted content on a live site/blog.Your submission will be rejected in the following cases:

  • Link request to commercial urls (Links to pages where no infographic is presented or pages that are excessively sales oriented with proportionally high CTA calls to the overall layout).
  • Links to main site/blog urls (Home Page)
  • Links to content on social networks.
  • Links to image file url.

> Do not include embeded code. We simply host and upload your work offering a source link with natural anchor text.

> Publishing time & scheduling subjects to evaluation based on topic popularity/ingenuity or submission priority.

> We reserve the right to amend the suggested title to what we consider that will boost the ranking of your work.

> Final category classification of your content is determined according to the current taxonomy structure best match.

> On our dedicated attribution section (top left side) the label  "Visuallized by" strongly cites graphic designers or researchers, while the label "Published by" refers to proprietors / publishers.

We would like to remind you our top level content structure once more:



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